Monday, February 16, 2009

Orientation Week

Hey everyone,

Orientation Week was last week and it was pretty hectic. Every morning we were woken up at 5:30am and told to wear a blazer, tie and boxers and head down to the common room. Each morning we had to serenade other girls residences on campus with a song chosen by our Sub-Wardens (aka RA's in the States). It was fun but got old by the end of the week. Im pretty sure that back home it would be called Hazing ha. My residence, Botha House, went on a pub crawl on Tuesday night. We hit up about 5 or 6 pubs, each with a different flavor. They range from the chill, "bohemian" vibe to a night club like atmopshere. Wednesday began the process of registering for classes. Here you do it the old-fashioned way by visiting each individual department and getting the necessary signatures and approval from professors. Attached are some pictures from downtown Grahamstown and campus and a sweet Landy.

A sweet Land Rover Defender on campus

Looking down High Street towards the Anglican Cathedral

The Drotdsy Gate at the entrance of campus

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