Sunday, February 8, 2009

Arrival in Grahamstown

Finally arrived in Grahamstown yesterday in the afternoon. It was a short hour and a half drive from Port Elizabeth. Along the way we passed through some game-reserves. Grahamstown is a really nice little town that was settled sometime in the 19th century. Alot of the buildings are old and victorian looking. Its been very hot here lately with temperatures hovering close to the 90 degrees fahrenheit mark. The five other Washington College students and I went out for a bit last night for my 21st birthday at one of the local student pubs..."The Rat and Parrot". We were drinking a Namibian beer called Windhoek Lager (pronounced Vind-Hook). Orientation Week officially starts tomorrow with introductory lectures and a welcome from the schools Vice-Chancellor. Below are pictures of one of the dorms on campus and scenary from one of the game parks we drove through on the way to town.


  1. Hey Scott! I'm so excited for you!! Let me know how things are going. I look forward to keeping up with your experience!


  2. Hey Scott
    How are you? Sorry it took so long to comment
    The pictures are great Keep them coming
    Miss You
    Aunt Louise & Uncle Bruce